After the two week run of the benefit and an amazing experience, I was approached by a friend to work together in aerial performance on the sides of buildings. Our first project together was to create a superhero battle on the side of an abandoned building in the Wino District of San Francisco. We hung the spider web, and choreographed 9 other performers, a live band and some "extras" who hung BAM and ZONK signs out the windows while we fought our battles.  This piece was "Warrior Girl vs. The Nation of Finks."  

After that performance we recieved a number of calls for the newly founded "Aerial Action Team" to rapell off of a number of buildings. We were the new pranksters for the Grateful Dead (after Jerry Garcia had passed away) when the Merry Prankster bus was being taken into the new Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland. We rappelled off of the Fillmore Music Hall and silly stringed the crowd as they entered the building. 

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