Eventually all of this craziness became too much and we moved to Arizona, where after a year of feeling completely isolated, a band called Vrota, and a direction that I felt was not where I wanted to go, I discovered how miserable I was. 

I left and moved to San Francisco for what started out as a six month vacation and ended up to be a five year rebirth.  

I found myself in a troupe called Dream Circus, creating amazing ritual on stage with a lighter edge to it. We played like clowns, and performed all over San Francisco and Nevada. Within my first year in SF I had returned to theatre, and experienced The Burning Man Festival which completely changed my life. I dyed my hair pink and started really focusing on creating a new persona for myself. 

In May of 1996, I had a flashback and remembered being molested when I was three by a still unknown perpetrator. In my processing, therapy, groups, and hands-on-healing, I realized how much I had sabotaged my life. Preventing myself from accomplishing the things I initially had dreamt of. 

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