In the Beginning 

I started out acting in 1981. I went to a summer theatre camp near my house in Michigan, just north of detroit for two years and got involved in drama in high school. Iwas too shy, however and my feeble attempts at getting more serious about it were not working. My father had bought a Minolta Maxxum camera, the first automatic computerized camera. He let me borrow it and I found myself shooting alot. I took my first photography class and I was sold on the idea. I look back now, realizing that I chose to shoot because I wanted to be in front of the camera and since no one else wanted to put me there, I did it myself. I shot for 10 years, had shows and started to make a name for myself as a photographer, but could not sell any work. Most of my work was self-portrait installation influenced heavily by Cindy Sherman, Duane Michaels, and the Starn Twins. I went to Ohio State and eventually majored in photography. 

I had teachers who either hated or loved my work and I would often have battles about my content and decisions as a photographer. When the photo department almost closed due to a lack of funding, I left only to move back to Detroit and battle with the photography instructor at Wayne State University. 

After that experience I decided to take some time off. I had one piece that I showed seven times all over Detroit, called "Trance-missions" which was a self portrait series representing the journey from life to death that was displayed as an installation 50 by 60 inches on steel, three dimensional with six color xerox affectations surrounding the main image of birth.   

The next project was called "Warriors of the Flesh," another serious of self portraits depicting my torso, nude with lipstick markings and double exposed with a stucko wall which created the texture of my skin. I consider that to be the beginning of Warrior Girl.   

My photography in hindsite had become my voice. It was a dark and frightened part of myself that I could not verbalize just yet.   

I stopped doing photography when I was married and it became difficult to get down to the darkroom. I began to paint as my only outlet, and played in bands with my husband as an experiment. We ended up having a number of bands inspired by Crash Worship ( a tribal drumming band), Dead Can Dance (a more melodic gothic band) and we created a performance project called Algiz, where we created ritual on stage and did scarification, and really explored the darker sides of ourselves.    


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