L'Nhoj Yesdnil:

"Contemplation of perfection by attention to detail and the absurdity of the dominate paradigm of fine woodworking. Contemplation of how the natural entropy of the wood is like manipulating the natural world to fit our subjective ideals. My work, by moving slower and slower, illustrates how dysfunctional our super functional world has become: moving faster and faster with perpetually less satisfaction. Please don't ask "how thin do I turn", I dont want to be a technician. I am only a sculptor influenced by hand built ceramics (that would rather be a painter)."

It all started with building a dulcimer kit and discovering that it was more fun to build them than play them. After burning out on dulcimers, I spent 12 years learning to build drums, that led to functional art....not being expressive enough i started painting. When I found raw vision magazine I saw that I could paint all the things that I was afraid to because of the dominant paradigm of what painting should be: clever craft work.

I am also trying to subvert the dominant paradigm of fine wood work.I see a lot of modern art made with wood that looks more clever that soulful.

You might see that I am influenced by japanese ceramics.

My paintings are about my subconscious, I don't like to explain them because I like the mystery.I think some people my not see the surreal connection because I am not influenced my Salvadore Dali. A few people are even upset by the clowns.

I'm not sure what to call my painting style, "Naive Neurotic Surrealism"??.  WHAT DO YOU THINK???

:: L'Nhoj Yesdnil ::
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