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Meet the artists that comprise L'Art-Ist Gallerie of the Netherlands.  Jeroen Sparla, Wim Sparla and Erla Heus are artists which use super colors, subjects and ideas.  Very distinct from another but yet similar in composition and style, maybe due to geographical locations of each and to each other.  The subjects and presentations are quite unique, please take the time to visit L'ArT-Ist Gallerie.

I love their web space, especially the carved words in stone effect of the background on all the pages.  I've never seen this type of thing on other sites I've run into so far.  And unlike alot of other sites I see daily, their pages are super clean and load quickly, which is a pleasure for anyone surfing the internet.

It's an honor for me to introduce these 3 talented people...click on each image to see entire painting!! Their web gallery is at http://sparla.com/ or click on the banner at top of this page. In their own words --

Jeroen Sparla -- a 33 year old computer scientist, working and living in the inner-city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 1997 he started oil painting. He's auto-didactic (self taught) and has produced over 100 paintings by now; but he didn't find "his style" yet. As you can see on the website, his works change year by year. Jeroen started his very first painting by reproducing "Three Yellow Horses" from Franz Marc. After this project, Jeroen discovered his ideas and thoughts, implemented them into his own works and a style was born.

His "creative drive" is found in the escape from the real-world. Jeroen has his atelier in an old style canal-house-cellar in the center of Utrecht. There is no daylight, and each painting is a complete color-surprise when it finally escapes the artificial light of the cellar and sees the sun for the first time. Jeroen said once: "My paintings? My paintings are just mirrors" (of the soul), and that's probably what causes such a variety in his work.

Wim Sparla -- an architect, living and working in Tilburg, the Netherlands. His designs are all based on the "plastic number". The use of the plastic number for measures and sections, this guarantees order and harmony in each design. In the year 1998, Wim Sparla started with his "Vierling"-series. All based on the same "plastic number" concept. Nowadays, there are over 200 different "Vierlingen" to choose from. All "Vierlingen" are hand made and in limited series of 5 maximum.

"Vierlingen" -- The repeat of the image emphasizes the going together, enlivens the direction and intensifies the rythym.

"By embedding the original image in a mutual solitary way and gradually enlarging the images, the continuous search for order and harmony is confirmed. This with a wink to the old roman master of building Vitruvius, in whose book about architecture, The Ordinance, that is to say the harmoniously going together of measures and sections, is such an important basic condition", Wim Sparla, "Father Dom. H van der Laan has brought to expression the foundations of the architectonic ordinance in his doctrine about the 'plastisch getal'."

And from Elra Heus -- "My name is Elra and I am a 34 year old woman. After I moved to Amersfoort (10 years ago), I picked up painting again. I did follow several courses, like model painting and photography.

My drive in creating paintings are underlying emotions. That is why all my works are a piece of myself, but it is also the reason that there is a large variety in my work (abstract as well as realistic work) . I still experiment with different materials. I work at home and in the studio with Jeroen."

You can reach Wim Sparla at:
W.J.M. Sparla
Architect HBO BNA
PO Box 1032
The Netherlands
Visit their gallerie http://sparla.com/


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