Krisztian Serfozo:
The Art of Pencil Drawing

The best way that I can describe the type of artist that I am, is in the simplest definition, an "undefined artist". I never did believe that an artist should be limited to a type. The style that I work in is drawing for the simple fact that that's what I know. I am self-taught since I never took lessons besides the classes that I was required to take in grammer, elementary and high school. For this reason I believe that my artwork is natural and in it's purest form. I draw with pencils for the appeal of black and white. For the opportunity to create or recreate insignificant details and colors. I rarely include actual color in my work and prefer to create the colors in my work in black and white. I feel that black and white and the shades in between are more than enough to work with. Since I firmly believe that beauty lies in everything the subjects that I decide to draw, I blindly choose not for what they are or represent but simply for fullfilling my need to draw.

Art by Krisztian Serfozo

Art of Pencil Drawing

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