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Feather Painting by Kelley PattersonAs an Artist at one time or another, I've thought I can do better than that or how could I have made it better. Thankfully the  imagination kicks in, and somehow it all becomes clear. The painting has become easier, but each painting still tests your knowledge and  skills.

I've always painted in a large format and always painting Native American and Wildlife subjects. A couple of years ago all that changed for me. I had moved to Oklahoma from Texas and fell in love with the true native spirit there. While there I had the opportunity to view all sorts of Native American art, with all the symbolism and sacred meanings behind each piece.I to have some Native American heritage, and it has always pulled me towards that type of art. Soon after I got there I almost immediately started my first feather painting.

I think it might have been a little easier for me to adapt to painting on feathers than for some others because of my many years as an illustrator, in which I had the opportunity to work in most types of painting media. The feather Art is so different from any other, first of all you have a very limited painting area and next you have to deal with the feather itself. The feather can be a tough surface to paint on,so I just prepared them the way I would any painting. I use gesso as my under coat and only apply it where I will be painting. It gives me a smooth surface plus it keeps the feather together for me. Some artists like to use acrylic,but I still love to use my oils. I wanted to create more than just a painted feather,I wanted to create a feather painting. I hope that anyone that looks at my feathers appreciates the time and effort,and detail I have put in each piece.  Since that time, I have moved back to my home state of Texas and have stuck with the feather paintings exclusively. Each feather presents it's own challenge of expression, and that is what painting is all about for me.

Kelley Patterson
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