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kustom kulture art

My art is a personal reflection upon the enviroment and what I see and love. I do a lot of work which represents my lifestyle. I also do a lot of commercial art as well. I first  started out really diving into art with marker renderings. I have since expanded my mediums a great deal to include Digital, Acrylic, Graphite, Photography, Oils, Prismacolor Mixed Media, and yes, I still do and always will do, Marker renderings!

I first really started getting into art when I was about 17. It was from there my life would forever change. I basically dropped my college major when I was 20 to chase the dream I had always wanted, to become an artist! My influences are many, but mostly contemporary as well. The likes of Von Dutch, Ed Roth, Robert Williams, and Thom Taylor really come to mind. As far as Masters go, I love Bosch's stuff! I graduated in 1997 with a BFA in Illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Colorado. I learned a lot while I was in school, mostly to always follow your dreams and draw whatever you want to draw!

If there is one quote that really rings true with me, it is what Ed Roth once said, "I'll flame anything", now if I can just get my wife to let me flame and pinstripe the toilet seat with a #7 Sword brush, everything will be fine!

ps....Hey and greetings!
They want to know huh??? OK if you want to, add this in then below!

So what exactly is Kustom Kulture Art???  Well Kustom Kulture Art is basically a style of Art that reflects the Hot Rod movement that has been going on over the past 60 years now. However, it simply is not "Just Cars!" In fact it is much more than that! It's the reflection of the lifestyle and everything encompassing it! A perfect example of true Kustom Kulture is Ed Roth's Rat Fink cartoons, which came out of a evil version of Mickey Mouse.

Lost art like pinstriping is very relevant here, and anything and everything usually gets pinstriped, even the toilet seats! It is very often a movement unto it's own in which not only involves pinstriping but oils, acrylic, mixed media and so forth.  Von Dutch, late great pinstripe extraordinarre, basically started the entire movement and it has only been in the last 10 years that Kustom Kulture has gained it's fame. Highlights were a Kustom Kulture Art show at the Laguna Seca Museum of Art.

However Kustom Kulture is not simple just art, it is also a lifestyle, often encompassing music. Yes, true, it's roots are in the Hot Rod movement, but hasn't that alone been one of the biggest marvels of the 20th century??? If you would like to find out more about Kustom Kulture Art, feel free to come over to and join our list called KustomKultureArt...<Yes it is one big word!

OK that should hopefully explain things a lil more then! Hey thanks a lot!

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