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What a way to bring the new year, art from sunny warm Hawaii.  We 're all starving artists, but why not starve in a warm tropical paradise.  Meet Robin Krueger and his pen and ink drawings that capture the life and scenes of Hawaii.  He's not starving but he is in Hawaii...

Robin Krueger-Aloha Hawaii 
My Daddy called me Robin because I "arrived in the Spring" full of this wonderful life a few miles outside the "Big Apple" with roots that extended back through Queens and Brooklyn to New Amsterdam.  In 1623 my ancestor, Hans Bergen, journeyed from Norway to France, married a Parisian and arrived in the "New World" to father the first European baby in the land of the Mohawk and Seneca. 

Many generations later my mother left New York with a young German research chemist, Dr. John W. Krueger Ph.D., who established, Shene Farm, a lovely habitat to raise children.  I spent two years at the University of Wisconsin majoring in Education then enlisted in the Air Force during the Viet Nam War and left the Air Weather Service on Guam to meander around the "Real" World, extend my horizons, broaden my education and satisfy my creative urges.  

I expressed my fascination with foreign countries and their colorful life with brush on canvas.  My bride, Patricia, and I enjoyed Central America and the Western United States before flying to Hawaii.  Here, in an amazing mixture of foreign cultures, we found a home and I went to night school, at Konawaena High School.  In 1980 we moved to Hilo for me to finish my degree at the University of Hawaii.  

I became an elementary school teacher to support my young, growing family of five.  I taught at schools in East Hawaii before gaining tenure at Waimea School.  In 1993 I went back to Konawaena High School as a certified administrator.  I continued to work in Kona as the Adult School Technology Coordinator and Vice-Principal in charge of North Hawaii.  My first love is my hobby.  Creating in stone, paint or simply drawing is my daily passion.  I am happy to share my life-long hobby with the world. 
--Robin Kreuger 
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