Gudrun Weerasinghe:
art healing

Meet Gudrun Weerasinghe from Germany.  The artist was born in Essen, Germany and studied arts and design at the University of Essen. The concept of ArtHealing is something new to me and I find it extremely interesting.  Her Web site is available in both German and English, but I'm afraid the translation from German to English has lost something. I highly recommend you visit her site to learn more about Gudrun and ArtHealing in addition to seeing more of her works.

An exerpt from "Art Today", June 1998:
Steiner's sentence in, Mein Lebensgang (My way of live), written down shortly before his death in 1925, can be considered valid as a premise for the work of Gudrun Weerasinghe: "lt occured to me that the millennium must bring a new, spiritual light to mankind. lt appeared as if the narrow-mindedness of the human thinking and desire had reached at its peak." In Steiner‘s world view, the faith in the supernatural and the meditative experience resulting thereof, interweave with a renewal of the holistic condition of the individual. Known artists like Kandinsky, Maryon, Lauer and Beuys worked in the sense of this theory and created epochal works...

From: "Meister Bildender Künste" (Master of Educating Arts), Volume 5, Artefactum Publishing House, Nürnberg:
Similar to Steiner and Joseph Beuys, warmth and energy are her life messages, as well as the utilization of nature`s healing powers. The style developed by her called Arthealing articulates the dialectical comprehension of her art: healing through art and healing of art, thus somehow reflecting her critical attitude towards certain tendencies of contemporary art... The gradual recognition of the message of her pictures and the progressive projecting into them will end up in a development of higher spiritual capacities. In 1931 Stefan Zweig wrote in his study "Healing through the Spirit" about the Austrian physician and scientist Anton Messmer, a friend of Mozart's as well as a representative of the Enlightment movement and precursor of Psychotherapy: "Perhaps a kind of physics working with more and more refined metrical devices will prove tomorrow that, what today we suppose to be mere psychic power wave, is indeed something more substantial, a really visible thermal wave, ponderable and measurable energy."

Gudrun Weerasinghe - "If you would like to profit from the qualities input into the pictures, don't just open your eyes in order to superficially take in the effects and waves of colours and shapes which are indeed only the reflections of whatever is influenced by the light, but instead open your soul to an equal degree in order to recognize the force of light implanted in the works. Or, however, close your eyes and let the impression of the light radiation force have an effect on yourself and, in this respect enjoy the energetic characteristic (wrapped up in the oeuvre) appropriate for you. Experiment, try - irrespective of the colouring or design of the picture - to find out which psychological and spiritual attribute makes you feel particularly well."

"The term ARTHEALING is subject to copyright protection. I personally code and entitle the works of art with the term ARTHEALING. My artefacts which do not exhibit this term are not works with "targeted" magnetism. The information included in the pictures can of course be checked and verified using certain methods and devices.  Not all my paintings are "Arthealing" works! Within my creative work, you will also find works which are not deliberately magnetised but only exert their effect through purely superficial colouring and design, through painting materials, types of application, the style etc. and constitute a statement for the observer in each case."

I wish you no end of pleasure while doing so, Gudrun
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