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Nick's Place &
For all your car problems!!!
Click her for eBay Motors!I met Nick about a year ago when I needed some work done on a car, he did such a good job at a reasonable cost, that he's been servicing both my cars ever since!  Once, during a conversation I told Nick about this website and joked with him, we should start a message board where people could post questions and not feel so clueless about car problems they might have.  Well, here we are today, Nick's Place @ artbabyart.com just opened for business and Nick would love to hear your questions and if possible give you some common sense advise.
From Nick Kolb:
"Here`s some background, I started in the mechanical field in 1982 in the marines, learned on heavy trucks and jeeps, you know military vehicles. After the marines I worked for a few independent shops.  Then for Pep Boys, started as a mechanic then promoted to service manager as I remained for 6 years.  Finally, I went to Charles Village Exxon.  The owner has been a friend of mine for about 23 years.  I'm A.S.E. Certified in brakes, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, engine performance and suspension."

Shop Promos:

  • Oil change and Tire rotation $16.95
  • A.C. service 39.95 + freon 
  • 4 wheel alignment 49.95 (rear shimming extra)
  • Maryland State Inspection $58.50, 4+4's $82.50
  • Safety Check $22.95
  • 10% off all brake work over $100
"Well here`s nothing new, we work on a first come first serve. Hours 8:00 till 5:00 Monday through Friday..." Nick Kolb

Charles Village Exxon
2500 North Howard Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21218

If you're ready, go to the message board, post your questions or comments, and they will be answered!!!  Or just drop by to read some of the postings.

Now go to Nick's DASH BOARD and e-GARAGE Post a car question and it will be answered!!!

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