Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order:
Author: William Hughes

This book is an adventure tale, which stars young Andrew Jackson. It pits the great American fighter for freedom in a battle against the predatory Brits, the scheming BCRAM cartel, and its evil mastermind, the sinister Dr. A. Reginald "Iago" Fox.

It's historical fiction at its best, with the Tower of London, the Court of King George III, the HMS Samson on an Atlantic Ocean crossing, and the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina as background for the fast-paced action.

Characters, like: the King's mistress, Elisabeth "Babs" Wallace; her gangster father, Marshall "Loony" Wallace; the hapless Lord Cecil Arundel; the amoral Admiral Jayson Carter Leeber; the conniving Mark Richards; the heroic Mary Patton, with her rowboat, Liberty; the ruthless Lord John Percival Maxwell; and the Loyalist fink, Jonathan Palmer, fill its pages.

The plots centers around Dr. Fox's attempt to spike, with a magic potion, the drinking water of the American patriots. It supposedly will cause the rebels to lose their fighting spirit. Young Jackson, then age 13, is alerted, as a result of an incident at the Spotlight tavern, to the dastardly scheme. How will he foil these cunning foreign-based criminals?

This book also answers the question: "What can be done about the New World Order?"

It reveals, too, on another level, the globalist intriguers as a menace to the Republic. In its preface, the long concealed history behind political conspiracies is fully disclosed.

Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order is a classic story, too, about Good vs. Evil.

It is also a final warning for today's American patriots, who care about the Bill of Rights, democracy, and the future of the country.

Andrew Jackson

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© William Hughes

William Hughes is the author of “Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order” (Authors Choice Press) and “Baltimore Iconoclast” (Writer’s Showcase), which are availabel online. He can be reached at

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