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Some Real World Comments About the Art Pimp...

An Introduction to rwharton, aka Art Pimp"That guy is no artist.  He makes a mockery of REAL art."  Reginald Albrite, Museum of unobtainable posh doo dads - New York NY.

Meet rwharton , aka the Art Pimp"Everytime that guy sells a painting, he's taking filet mignon out of the mouths of starving art grads.  My students have paid good money to call themselves artists.  They don't deserve this."  Carlton Huffypants, School for the Artistically Stagnant

(an excerpt) rwharton is a self-taught thirtysomething with a penchant for shin kicking.  Brush in hand, he pokes fun and prods at anything that moves, often glorifying America's sacred ironies.  It goes without saying, he has a special liking for the vices.  He feels the vices are present in every class in society.  Instead of hiding from theseThe Art of rwharton, aka Art Pimp realities, rwharton often brings them to light and exposes them for the American icons that they are.

"Like it or not, product logos and vices, are the true american trademark and television is the most influential force in our history as a nation."  rwharton

The Art Pimp has sold the largest body of his work on the east coast, almost exclusively at Common Grounds Coffee Shop in Ocean City, MD.  It was at this location that he was able to sell to buyers from New York to Florida as well as to European visitors.  With more than 500 paintings in circulation, the art pimp continues creating new pieces everyday.

The Art of rwharton, aka Art PimpAs for a statement...
"There is no better art school than life. Self expression cannot be taught.  you are either an artist or just some guy that wants to be one terribly.  Art schools are for people that want to be part of the art machine.  factory work for the slightly creative. Art institutions teach what can't be done as much as they teach what can be done.  There are art critics who judge artist by their education in the arts, I find this silly at best.  Art is not rocket science and is more often than not, overthought.  Why does the art pimp paint with these comic like images?  I think Thomas Edison said it best.."The essence of brilliance is in simplicity"

Artist rhwharton aka the  Art Pimp

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