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Art by GalustNick (Galust )Orduyan - My Dad was Artist, and wine-master.  It was tradition for educated people in the East to combine talents.  For example, to be an astronomer and doctor at the same time like Avicena. Father came back from WWII as a hero.  Village was in ruins; people didn’t understand how to begin life again.  Dad took baby-fruit trees, grape cutting and began to plant public garden. With words “This is my art”.  Language of his art has become clear for people who joined him and soon beautiful garden appeared like in a fairytale.

Last time I saw the Garden when I was a Foreigner in my motherland.  I took a train that ran between mountains.  Boy who appointed himself to be my guide asked me “Do you like my country?  You see the Garden in the valley below?  People feel much better when they come into that Fairy Garden, because it was planted by Good Wizard, nobody remembers how long ago it happened but his name was Orduyan.”

As Artist I did a lot of things:  I created children’s playgrounds, organized children’s art museums and exhibitions, taught art to gifted children.  I realized that all the kids created by God as Artists.  They don’t divide art into categories: Painting, Dancing, Theater.  Because they feel perfectly basic language of creativity, they do things that make professional artists jealous.  We painted “Summer Theme”, and 5 years old boy told me “I feel like dancing this painting, Teacher could you dance it with me?” I learned a lot from children.

Owner of “Turkish Cousin” ask me to design mosaic exterior for his restaurant.  He said “I am one of few who understand language of old Turkish carpet art, you are the second”. I said “No I can only feel it”.  There was a carpet on the wall in my childhood bedroom singed in Armenian “ARAM”.  Language of art, culture, and motion of heart is the same for all people.  Even for Turkish and Armenian who were separated by bloody history.

Mark Chagall told me “What important is that you should have your own language particularly in the languages of Art.”

Art by Galust

Nick Orduyan
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