Mark Kroeten:
art is for everyone

Art by mark KreotenArt is for everyone, but not everyone is interested in the same art.  Art has many different meanings and disciplines.  People develop tastes that encompass colors and shapes revolving around their personal experiences and somewhat reflecting vast educational backgrounds.  Mark Kroeten is a Minnesota native that creates art that covers a wide spectrum and continues to evolve into other interests.  Delving into music, anthropology, fashion, impressionism, geometric and human relationships, abstracts, architectures, color and spatial studies, expressionism, are just some of the subject matter you will find in his work as he continues to broaden his works.

Art by Mark KreotenBy creating art that is so diverse not everybody will like all of the works, instead one will typically identify with individual pieces here and there and that is what the artist is trying to accomplish.

Mark exhibits a style with separate and distinct subtle nuances that is different from other painters.  When investigated on deeper levels of study, the viewer will be lead down a path marrying the simple innocence of a child with complex overtones of an adult.  Sometimes the result is harmonious, other times it appears intentionally tumultuous.

Mark Kroeten
Visit Mark Kreoten at WWW.MARKTIME.BIZ
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