Linda Levi::
Non Objective Art... true art form of the 20th century

Red Shapes 1959 - 18”x20” Non-objective dense shapes painted expressively; a collection of bright red shapes organized in a rectangle and played against a lighter pinkish background.

Hanak Shape 1964 - 10”x15”x5”-Layered Acrylic Shape. Organic forms are painted in different layers to create 3 dimensions and the shape is repeated in the outside frame.

Hollywood Bowl 1967 -14”x12”x9” –Acrylic Sculpture. Small organic image resides inside larger organic shapes.

Kinetic Polka Dot 1969 - 12”x12”x16”- Acrylic Pyramid is contained inside a box. There are moving lights and shapes, which reflect inside the pyramid.

Aspen 1984 - 10.5”x17”x3”- Painted Wood Carving; Geometric shapes are carved, cut, and laminated to create three dimensional which are painted expressively with acrylic paint.

Z/Red 1991 - 72”x72”x12”Constructed tilted abstract shapes derived from letters and painted emotionally.

C Abstract 1994 - Digital Painting of abstract letter, which appears dimensional. Shapes are placed on the letterform to create 3D space. The image is painted expressively to show dynamic movement.

Art by Linda LeviCircle (Watermelon) on Squares (Thailand) 2003 – Digital Painting of abstract geometric shapes taken from nature and played against decorative forms.

Linda Levi
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