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Art of Greg Orduyan“The Work of Art is a continuing process generated through the interaction of a plurality of minds” - Marcel Duchamp

My paintings are almost like a journal. They’re the best _expression of how I experienced that time.

We go through life without realizing how beautiful everyday things are. Beauty’s everywhere. It’s up to us to align ourselves to see and experience what’s around us.

I believe that to capture the essence and to connect with the essence, to experience it - you have to be there not only with your eyes. You have to feel if it’s cold, if the wind is blowing, if the waves are chopped – to convey it so the emotion really comes across in the art work. It’s all about emotion.”

I was never compared to Cezanne before I came to California. I think the atmosphere and landscape here is similar to the area of France where Cezanne painted, and I guess I captured that,”…

California Artist Greg Orduyan

Greg Orduyan
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