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ewos oner
"So much anger built inside": itís a reoccurring text on one of Ewosí stickers , black and white obscure stickers with an angry looking character on them. Simply drawn, out of one line. In Utrecht, hometown of Ewos, thereís a man walking around who takes them off the walls. Exactly this kind of interaction is what Ewos is all about. "That man doesnít pull off any other stickers except the ones I did. I guess the text and shape of the character disturbes him in one way or another, it seems like he feels personal offended by them ."

Art by Ewos OnerIn 1987 Ewos started with graffiti. Sometimes when doing his pieces he changed the letter O into a character. When he found out that people instead of his name only remembered the character, he decided that he would continue with just the character. That was six years ago and from that point on he used two different characters: one happy, the other angry. "They have to be in balance. Everyone has a happy and an angry-dark side. My two characters are in a constant ongoing struggle with each other. I put them both up at random so these different emotions will put the unsuspecting viewer of my work in a positive or angry mood. The angry face isnít mad at one particular thing. At the moment you see him, heís mad at everything youíre mad at - plus more." Ewos technique could be described as simple but to the point. "With these almost childlike drawings I just try to get people in a certain mood."

Art by Ewos OnerOver the years the Ewos characters shapeshifted and found there way into everyday environment. The grinning happy face for example can be found disguised as a flower on the van of the local florist, but is also used as the logo for a festival. "The characters are constantly changing a bit, adapting themselves to their environment, but at the same time Iíll never compromise", Ewos states, "It is what it is". The characters are now way beyond there starting point. From the Utrecht city walls they moved on to bikes, customized bags and expositions. There are also some plastic toyfigures out now with the design of the angry face. (this not my website, if you want more info about these toyfigures contact me)

In his work Ewos stays raw and original. He almost doesnít use a computer and prefers originally drawn stickers over printed ones. "Sometimes itís necessary to print them though, because in Holland you need water resistant stickers." He doesnít recycle existing images. "I really want to create my own thing and add something new to what already exists. I hate sampling, itís fucking boring. On canvas I like to make something completely different for instance by adding color . Even though I like the paintings I do, Iím more satisfied with the streetwork - although thereís less time involved creating it. Ofcourse you can discuss whether my work is great looking and beautiful or not but thatís not what Iím about , the streets are raw and dirty and thatís the way it is whether you like it or not."

art by Ewos Oner



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