Folklife Festival 1999

On this clear could see the heat.  For those who braved the heat at the National Mall in Washington DC...good for you!!!  It was hot and sticky,  like an old "Honey Bun" from your local 7/11, but to spend Independence Day in the Nation's capitol was still sweet.  If you were there July 4th, you notice no heat.  What you did notice were the concerts from the steps of the US Capitol to the foot of the Lincoln Memorial that ran all day.  All topped off with super fireworks by the Washington Monument.  In between there were lots of stuff to do and things to see.  If you got too hot, you just went to your favorite museum to cool off and see some art!!!

Mass Transit was the
best bet for making
it down to the Mall
Our good friends from
At the Folklife Festival
feeding the hungry 
with fresh fruit.

Other  Stuff--Of course had the Untrained Eyes at the nation's capitol.  It was super at the National Mall in Washington DC.  Start early in the morning, claim your base camp somewhere in the sea of people and wait for friends to arrive all day long.  You would all take turns watching the base camp, others strolled through neighborhood "parties", all the while making new friends and sharing laughs. 

Now for next year, here's the scoop for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the 2 countries/cultural areas will be Tibet and the Rio Grande River.  For the home state it will be none other than Washington DC.  Say you heard it here first at!!!

1. Child Art 2000 - "Week of Wonders"
2. The International Child Art Foundation helps prepare children to take their place as future leaders... encouraging their imagination and creativity.
3. Child Art Exhibition Tent
4. Child Art
5. Fourth of July Parade Float
6. Fourth of July Parade Float
7. Untrained Eye
8. Untrained Eye Group


Folklife Festival 1999
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