New Hampshire

New Hampshire--One phrase truly describes the New Hampshire exhibit...handcrafted.  Not the handcrafted items we think of partially milled by machines then assembled with other electric tools.  We are talking about the true meaning...handcrafted from start to finish with tools that have no plugs on one end!!  It was extremely impressive.

Photo #1--David Adams, joiner and woodworker.  Everything you see here was cut, joined and finished by hand tools. 

Photo #2--Steve Roy, mason and bricklayer.  Work has involved foundation restoration, fireplace and chimney work.

Together they form Adams & Roy Inc. Preservation Consultants and Restoration Contractors. 191 Hill Street, Portsmouth, NH  03801  Visit their HomePage or email at

Photo #3--Gerard A Brunelle, L' Hermitage, custom carved walking sticks, canes, and staffs. 664 Scenic Road, Weirs, NH 03246


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