Romania--Look into the eyes of all these people and you'll find genuine happiness!!  Of the exhibitors at the Festival, the Romanians spoke the least or no english at all.  Yet, you could communicate with them with simple gestures and a smile.  All were eager to hand you a brochure, show you their crafts, and make you feel at home.  The "Maicas" or Nuns were the main attraction at the Romanian exhibit.  The Nuns received enormous press coverage the first week of the Festival for their Icon Paintings...and by July 4, along with the heat wave and crowds of onlookers, the Nuns just about had it but they still managed to greet you with a warm smile.  All of the Romanians were surprised and unprepared for the heat that weekend. 

The crafters included woodworkers, potters, weavers and painters.  If you stepped into their booth they would immediately greet you and start exhibiting their work.  Painters would paint, woodworkers would start carving, and  potters would start their wheels. 

If  by chance you had questions for the Romanians, these young people would be right there to translate for you.  To my amazement each and every translator was usually a university student in the DC area volunteering their services for the Festival.  Each learned the language by being student/volunteers in Romania!!!


1. Transylvania Museum Director-Tiberie Graur  
2. Weaver and her Works  
3. Ghoerghe Iorga-Craftman, Pottery  
4. Potter  
5. Maica Stareta- Nun, Icons-presenter  
6. Native Dress  
7. Friendly Face at the Church  
8. Real Church-Assembled for the Festival


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Folklife Festival 1999
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