Disney's Beauty and the Beast:
the mechanic theatre

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - a fantastic show at the Mechanic Theater in Baltimore Maryland.  The show had a great cast, singing, choreography, a super set, costumes and music.  I was surrounded by kids and more kids, ranging in age from 5 year olds to young teenagers.  Many even bringing along their Beauty and the Beast toy figures.  Lots of oohs and ah's, cheering and crying.  Intermissions were filled with youngsters tugging on their parents to get back into the theater so nothing would be missed.  Some parents were even left at the concession stand with arm loads of drinks and snacks with no kids to be found.  Oh yes this was a night for the children and they enjoyed it immensely.

With this in mind, why on earth would the Mechanic Theater along with Playbill have a cigarette ad running in this program!  Not just a small ad in a far away corner of the program, but the largest ad in the center of the program, a two page spread.  It could not be missed.  Just by flipping through the program or dropping it on the seat next to you or on the floor would almost assure the magazine opening to this advertisement.  Shame on the Mechanic Theater and Playbill for using this advertiser for this particular show.  Here we have a cultural center in Baltimore, most assuredly and must be anti smoking, once again pushing aside its principles for that almighty dollar. (This by the way after the state of Maryland won its class action suit against the tobacco industry for billions!)  The Morris A. Mechanic Theater and Playbill, Culture at its Finest, succinctly defines the word OXYMORON.  I guess maybe the ad was meant for just us adults...



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