Andrew Mariano:
new orleans art

Art by Andrew Mariano, New Orleans, LA. OK. My name is Andrew Mariano (Drew), I live right outside of New Orleans L.A. was born 11/75. I'm a pretty privet person - I tend to let my art speak for itself.

As for the work itself - It is never planned or done with intent to sell. though all my work is for sale - I need food.) I just take pen to paper and "zone" out into a meditative state while I just mechanically create the picture. I started doing these kinds of pictures around late 93 early 94. I have never had any art education speak of - unless you want to be anal and consider all those coloring books in pre-K formal training.

Does the frame of mind needed to make these illustrations come and go at will or just happen?

At will - thought bursts of inspiration do comes at all times. A lot of raw emotion goes into my work - (no filtration) - and I never go for a polished or uniformed look. I have tried to do pictures thought out before hand - but I lose thought and end up with one of my normal pictures (If the word normal can here be applied) I currently work in retail. (would rather not here mention the co.) I would like one day to be able to work on my art fulltime. The average pictures takes me from one sitting (rare) 6 hours or so to a week or so. Some pictures i've considered finished for 5, 6 years and then started back up on. I work w/ brushes less than 5% of the time. I just don't feel natural using them. Pen, and sometimes though rarely an airbrush. Some call my work "esoteric" or even (shudder) "religious". Call it mystical or whatever - the pictures speak for themselves (almost like a heiroglyph) (I myself, if you must know for the record am a Thelemite.)

I see the evolution of my work when I look over the slight change ups in themes and symbology over the years. I've been keeping notes for what can be called "Interactive" art. Work which can change w/ the perspectives of the viewer as they change over time and with lighting.

I have no studio - most of my work now is done sitting in my favorite clone cafe' - just sitting there inking. In the past i've just worked from my bedroom. I have no selling history.

Andrew Mariano (Drew)
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